FILM + TALK: Pinkwashing Exposed in Studio/K

FILM + TALK: Pinkwashing Exposed in Studio/K

Director Dean Spade and producer Amy Mahardy show the inspiring story of campaigns against Pinkwashing and Palestine solidarity activism in Pinkwashing Exposed. ¨Pinkwashing¨ is a term activists have coined for when countries engaged in terrible human rights violations, promote themselves as ¨gay friendly¨ to improve their public image. The country most famous for using this strategy is Israel, using it as part of a rebranding campaign for the last decade. Pinkwashing Exposed examines how Pinkwashing works and what local activists do in order to fight back.


After the documentary there will be a follow-up discussion with Yasmin Ahmed, who is part of the organisation Studenten voor Rechtvaardigheid in Palestina (SRP). Both screening and follow-up discussion are in English.


🌈 Pinkwashing Exposed: 13th of August in Studio/K! 🌈

40% of the ticket income will go to alQaws – القوس للتعددية الجنسية والجندرية في المجتمع الفلسطيني: For Gender and Sexual Diversity in Palestinian Society.


AlQaws is a group of LGBTQ Palestinian activists and allies who are working together to transform Palestinian society´s perspectives to a society in which diverse sexualities, sexual orientations and genders are celebrated.


This program is organized by Studio/K in collaboration with ‘Skek, De Uitkijk and Kriterion. Together we have set up Project Pride in which various events are held. From intriguing documentaries about the struggle that is still being fought every day to parties where the already achieved freedom is celebrated: we´ll keep you busy!


Low-Income 6,- // Korting 8,50 // Regulier 10,50 // Solidarity 12,- // Cineville Toegankelijk

Prijs:Low-Income 6,- // Korting 8,50 // Regulier 10,50 // Solidarity 12,- // Cineville Toegankelijk

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